GrassFed GrassFinished Beef Selection

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Choose from a selection of 100% Grassfed and Grass Finished Angus Beef. Add multiple items to your shipment.

Born on the Grassfed Beef of Texas Ranch, raised from calf to cattle. Ships from Llano, Texas.

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Stew meat Grassfed Beef Texas grassfinished
Stew Meat


Grassfed Ground Beef Texas grassfinished
Ground Beef


New York Strip Grassfed Beef Texas grassfinished
New York Strip


Grassfed Beef Chuck Roast Texas grassfinished
Chuck Roast


Texas Grassfed grassfinished Beef Tenderloins
Tenderloin (2 Pack)


Grassfed Beef Rump roast Texas grassfinished
Rump Roast


Grassfed Grassfinished Beef Ribeye - Dry Aged Angus


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Raised from calf to cattle outside of Llano, Texas on the Grassfed Beef of Texas Ranch.
All Grassfed Beef ships in 2 days. Sometimes weather or natural disasters can cause a delay. In the event of a delay, these products can still be delivered safely up to 3 days after shipment. You may notice some thawing, but as long at the meat is cool to the touch (40° F or less), the product is safe. You can enjoy or re-freeze without a safety hazard or a significant loss in meat quality. If you are concerned about the safety of your delivery, please contact us. For more info, check out for advice for farm to table beef.

Pricing for each Grassfed Beef cut:

Stew Meat – $9.50 per 1lb package

Ground – $8.50 per 1lb package

New York Strip – $18.50 per steak

Chuck Roast – $29.99 per roast (~2lbs-2.5lbs)

Tenderloin (2 Pack) – $28.00 per pack

Rump Roast – $35.00 per roast (~3lbs-3.5lbs)

Ribeye – $27.99 per steak 

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