ATX Artisan Market’s Whipped Honey

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Sweet like honey, smooth like butter

That’s what you can expect from whipped honey. Use it as a versatile spread. On bread, crackers, cheese or fruit. In tea, coffee, yogurt, smoothies, cereal. Make sauces, marinades, frosting.

Choose from the different flavors below. All delicious. All smooth. All whipped honey.

9 oz glass jars, ship USPS Priority Mail

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whipped wildflower honey
Whipped Honey Original


whipped honey wildflower texas honey chocolate
Chocolate Whipped Honey


whipped honey central texas wildflower cinnamon
Cinnamon Whipped Honey


whipped honey central texas wildflower habanero
Habanero Whipped Honey


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whipped honey central texas wildflower lemon
Lemon Whipped Honey


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What is Whipped Honey?

The difference in honey and whipped honey is the size of the crystals. Whipped honey has tiny crystals, which give it the smooth, spreadable texture. These smaller crystals allow you to store the honey without finding it gritty which will happen with the larger crystals.

Whipped Honey Flavors

Flavor: Original

Ingredients: Central Texas Honey

Flavor: Chocolate

Ingredients: Central Texas Honey, Natural Cocoa, Black Onyx Cocoa

Flavor: Habanero

Ingredients: Central Texas Honey, Dried Ground Habaneros

Flavor: Lemon

Ingredients: Central Texas Honey, 100% Lemon Oil

Flavor: Orange

Ingredients: Central Texas Honey, 100% Orange Oil

Flavor: Cinnamon

Ingredients: Central Texas Honey, Cinnamon

Flavor: Chai Spice

Ingredients: Central Texas Honey, Saigon & Indonesian Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Star Anise, Allspice, Bay Leaves

Flavor: Coconut

Ingredients: Central Texas Honey, Coconut Oil carried on a maltodextrin base with a trace of sodium caseinate, Contains Dairy

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