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Located: Columbiana, Ohio

Lamppost Farm sheep skins are the natural way to add warmth and comfort to your home. This unique product is very small batch — we only produce 10-12 per year.

Perfect to use as a blanket, rug or with children. We proudly use Bucks County Fur Products, Inc to tan and process our hides to deliver exceptional quality. Bring our farm to your home!

Approximate dimensions: 40 inches X 26 inches, wool length 3-6 inches.

Lamppost Farm rests among the lush rolling hills of Eastern Ohio. Lamppost Farm strives to model right relationships.  A healthy farm displays right relationships with God, His creation, and His people through a variety of gifts, aesthetic beauty, and the participation in purposeful work.

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About the sheep skins

Soft long-wool sheep skins from Coopworth Sheep, a New Zealand breed.

The Lamppost Farm philosophy

We believe that the fast-paced world around us avoids and therefore forgets how to recognize God in this life. Farming, because it is “rooted” in the creation of food, caring for the land, and doing so in a hands-on manner, enables us to see beyond the blur of our fast world and into a land where animals talk, winter changes to spring, grass grows on bare soil, and God’s people are renewed. We aren’t in the farmer development business. Our work is to inspire, enable, and encourage people through seeing with their eyes, hearing with their ears, understanding with their hearts, and choosing to make changes when God meets them, Jesus heals them, and the Spirit leads them further into His world.

Lamppost Farm Animals: the employees that do most of the work

Lamppost Farm employs a dedicated workforce including cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys, dogs, sheep and even a llama! Our animals work to regenerate the soil through being the animals that God has created them to be. On the farm, cows eat, chew their cud, and spread their manure. The landscape management that is going on is re-claiming fields and building soil. In old corn or soybean fields, chickens move daily in their field pens to forage for grasses and gobble up bugs. They leave behind a layer of manure that within a year has caused native grasses to grow, enriched the soil, and improved the pasture for future grazing.



Additional information

Weight 48 oz

Pure White, Rich Brown

1 review for Lamppost Farms Sheepskins

  1. Phil N (verified owner)

    I purchased the sheepskin as a hail-mary, Valentines Day present! HUGE SUCCESS. I’ve always thought a sheepskin would be a nice comfort/decor item in our small NYC apartment, but never found the right one (combination of prize, quality, and size)… The Lamppost farm sheepskin seriously exceeded our expectations. 5 stars is awarded not only for great quality and comfort, but also due to the story that came in tow. We’ve used the sheepskin on our couch during the Winter and transitioned to the floor during the summer.

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