Laundry Soap Subscription

$8.99 / month

Low-sudsing, non-detergent laundry soap brought to by StouderHouse. Phosphate free and perfectly safe to use in your high efficiency washing machine or traditional top-loader. Great product for those with sensitive skin or to be used on baby clothes.

Use one scoop per regular load. Scoop included in the bag 🙂  You can safely add oxygen cleaners, bleach, OR ammonia as needed or desired to StouderHouse Laundry Soap. For your own safety, never mix bleach with ammonia.

Sold By: Ungrocery


Ingredients: minerals (sodium borate), soda ash (sodium carbonate), StouderHouse Cleaning Soap (food grade fats, food grade lye, distilled water, fuller’s earth clay, 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, mineral oxide color), 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils


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