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StouderHouse makes exceptional all natural health products and home care goods.

Stormy, owner and founder, began making these products in response to multiple family members suffering from eczema. Laundry Soap came first, providing a chemical free solution for those with sensitive skin. Next came the soap experiments. The old-fashioned method of leaching rainwater through hardwood ashes to make lye then boiling the soap for hours over a fire was the beginning. Years of experiments and learning later, Stouderhouse now produces a wide variety of all natural health products, all of which are safe for you and those you love. Proud to offer them here.

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All Natural Health Products
Yogi Soap


All Natural Shaving Soap, All Natural Health Products
Shaving Soap


Shaving Brush


all-natural-laundry-soap All Natural Health Products
Laundry Soap


all-natural-lip-balm All Natural Health Products
Lip Balm (untinted)


All Natural Health Products
Lip Balm (tinted)


All Natural Health Products - Soap
Sunshine Mountain Soap


All Natural Health Products soap honey oat milk
Honey Oat Milk Soap


All Natural Health Products - Tea Tree Soap
Tea Tree Mint Soap


All Natural Health Products Lavender Soap
Lavender Soap


All Natural Health Products Shampoo Soap
Blue Shampoo


All purpose cleaner All Natural Health Products
All Purpose Cleaner


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Lip Balm (tinted): $3.59

Our Story

StouderHouse was founded in 2012, but the research and experimentation began about 10 years before that. Most of our extended family members were suffering from eczema – some for decades. When our little ones began to have problems, I decided something must be done. I began with the Laundry Soap and loved the results; it’s ideal for the laundry of those with sensitive skin.

Once that problem was conquered, I began learning how to make soap. I started with the old-fashioned method of leaching rainwater through hardwood ashes to make the lye, then boiling the soap for hours over a fire in the yard. Although I enjoyed and had success in making soap this way, I needed a more reliable and stable recipe. I began learning about the different oils and their unique qualities, about superfatting as a means of making moisturizing soap, and about the differences between essential and fragrance oils and how they behave in soap.

Then the experiments began. Yes, I ruined a few kitchen utensils and bowls, got some soap in the biscuits one day (a hazard of making soap in your family kitchen), and had more than one batch that went in the trash. Eventually, I perfected a few recipes and my technique. Our immediate family was using the soap with fantastic results. At Christmas, I packaged up boxes of soap and sent it out as presents to extended family. They wanted more!

After a number of years of positive feedback on the soaps and experimenting with other products, I began to think I should listen to the advice I was receiving and try marketing my all natural health products. Now, after several years of selling at farmers markets and responding to the feedback of my wonderful customers in addition to my family and friends – oh! and the addition of my soap kitchen, so no more soapy biscuits or biscuit-y soap! – I am ready for a larger audience.

I do hope you enjoy all of the all natural health and home products you purchase from StouderHouse. I am so honored to be able to help so many people suffering from the same types of problems our family was having.

From StouderHouse to your house…happy soaping!

Stormy – The Soap Lady

About our Soaps

StouderHouse soaps are all made from our own carefully crafted recipes to be natural, gentle, cleansing, refreshing, and moisturizing. You may use them to wash your body, your hands, and your face. And our specially designed shapes help prevent premature breakage of the soap bar. A StouderHouse bar of soap will stay in one piece until near the very end of its use. Simply wet the last of the bar, wet a new bar, and stick them together – there’s no waste!

Why buy StouderHouse’s All Natural Health Products?

Most mass market soaps aren’t actually soap – especially the liquid varieties. They are engineered petroleum-based foaming agents full of chemicals. A few of the mass market bars are actually soap, but they are made lye-heavy in order to extend the shelf life of the product. Good for them – not so good for you. The extra alkali makes them harsh and drying. How? That left over alkali will find every last bit of natural oil in your skin and saponify it (turn it into soap), leaving you dry and “squeaky clean.”

Many people have trouble with dry skin, so some manufacturers are selling gentle “bars” (not labeled as soap), claiming that a low pH level makes their bar gentle on the skin. But the pH level of a “bar” is not nearly as important as what the bar actually contains, because whatever is in the bar (or the liquid soap) will be absorbed by your largest organ – your skin. Ingredients in many mass market cleansers include Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Isopropyl Alcohol, DEA (diethanolomine), FD&C Colors, Propylene Glycol (antifreeze), and Triclosan (an antibacterial agent that the FDA has finally ordered to be phased out, but will no doubt be replaced by some ‚Äúnew‚ÄĚ chemical of equally questionable safety). These ingredients can cause skin irritation and/or dryness and/or are suspected or known human health hazards.

Natural soap contains no chemical additives. In fact, StouderHouse soaps are made with food grade lye and food grade fats and oils. Additionally, many mass “soap” manufacturers leach all the glycerin out of their bars; then they sell the glycerin (a natural lubricant & humectant) to other businesses that use it to make lotion to sell you because your skin dries out from the mass market soap. StouderHouse soaps remain in their natural state with all their natural benefits. Using our soaps, you may soon find you no longer need to lather yourself with lotion after bathing, therefore eliminating even more chemicals.

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  1. Phil (verified owner)

    We ordered the Tea Tree Mind Soap. It is AMAZING. First it smells great and we feel much better about the all-natural ingredients. On top of that, this soap stays extremely well in the shower. In other words, It doesn’t melt away or doesn’t stay soapy. Highly recommend giving the soap a try.

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