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The lovely folks at We Culture in Austin, TX have created a delicious new food item — all organic dried fermented vegetables. Here’s how they do it:

We prepare the best veggies, herbs, and spices we can find, add sea salt, and let the traditional preservation method of lacto-fermentation go to work for up to a month. Once complete, we dehydrate our raw live sauerkraut at a low enough temperature for 20+ hours so that it retains all the probiotic goodness and flavor of the original fermented veggies.
-Ahren and Jocelyn Boulanger
You can choose from 3 flavors: Beetnik, Kare, or Pickle in 2 sizes: 1/2 ounce and 2 ounces.
1/2 ounce of dried veggies = 1 jar (~8 oz) of sauerkraut for $5.25
2 ounces of dried veggies =  4 jars (~32 oz) of sauerkraut for $15.99

As with all products on our site, this product ships with a flat rate. Shipping costs $6.75 whether you order 1 or 16. Cheers to those who are hungry 😉

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There’s many ways to enjoy these delicious dried fermented vegetables. Here’s how the creators recommend:

We eat it as a snack, anytime of day. It is really perfect for people on the go. It’s great for hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, hunting or any prolonged activity where you need a boost. Sauerkraut offers B vitamins, probiotics, immune boosting potential, it’s loaded with vitamins, aids in digestion, can reduce inflammation, and improves gut health. It’s a crunchy addition to breakfast tacos, in tuna or egg salad. We like to chop it up and use as a garnish on deviled eggs, in stews, soups, gazpacho, salads, and sandwiches. Really, your imagination is the only thing limiting your options. It’s the perfect healthy snack for kids and a great replacement for junk foods. This unique product is extremely versatile and guilt free. Our family loves it, and we think yours will too!

-Ahren and Jocelyn Boulanger

FLAVOR: Beetnik Dried Fermented Vegetables

AMOUNT: 1/2, 2 ounce

INGREDIENTS: red cabbage*, beets*, ginger*, orange peel*, sea salt

* = organic


This is for the beet and ginger lovers! We always try and source our vegetables locally, and use organic red cabbage, organic beets, organic ginger, and organic orange peel. This one if packed with all sorts of good stuff. Beets can lower your blood pressure, fight inflammation, aid in detoxification, fight cancer, it contains valuable nutrients, and is packed with fiber. Ginger has an ancient history of medicinal use, it has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps with nausea, heartburn, and other digestive issues, and it has great potential in fighting diabetes and cancer! Orange peel is really where the health benefits of oranges are hiding. Consider this, 3.5 ounces of orange peel provides 136 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C, while the flesh contains about 71 mg. Enjoy this kraut anytime, it’s great on salads, or all by it’s lonesome.

FLAVOR: Kare Dried Fermented Vegetables

AMOUNT: 1/2, 2 ounce

INGREDIENTS: green cabbage*, carrots*, green onion*, apple*, sea salt, Japanese curry spice

*= organic


This was inspired by our love for all things curry; but especially Japanese curry. Other curries are generally pretty healthy when made commercially, with the exception of some who might add pro inflammatory, high in omega-6, vegetable oils like corn, soy, or canola. We still occasionally enjoy these out; but we love to try new foods at home also. The dilemma with Japanese curry is that it’s typically sold in separate cubes of dried roux, which are loaded with pesticide laden grains, partially hydrogenated oils, unsustainable palm oil, other probable GMO oils like soy, corn, canola, and always Monosodium Glutamate. We developed a recipe for fermented Japanese curry (or pronounced KARE in Japanese) kraut that matches the flavor; but without any of the guilt. This Kare Kraut Jerky has loads of health benefits, including improved digestion, tons of fiber and vitamins, it has anti-inflammatory properties, and that is just the spice blend! We use all organic, locally sourced vegetables whenever possible, and we hand craft each and every batch so that you can share in our joy. Try this as a garnish over some brown rice with, grilled salmon, or just eat it as a snack on the go, either way we’re sure once you kraut, you won’t doubt.

FLAVOR: Pickle Dried Fermented Vegetables

AMOUNT: 1/2, 2 ounce

INGREDIENTS: green cabbage*, dill*, garlic*, sea salt

*= organic


This one is easy to explain, it tastes like dill pickles. That’s it! We use all of the same organic cabbage, organic dill, and organic garlic to craft a truly pickly experience. If you aren’t aware of the health benefits of dill, you’ve been missing out. Dill weed can help lower cholesterol, fight free radicals, it contains flavonoids, polyphenols, and tannins. It is a natural bug repellent, and it may help reduce the pain associated with menstrual cramps. We already know that garlic is good for our hearts, our immune system, and just plain tastes good! This jerky is great for a hot dog, or like any of our kraut jerky, it’s great anywhere, anytime. Snack healthy friends, and enjoy!

Directly From the People Who Make It

Say hello to the We Culture creators

Why did you create this product?

I’ve had gut issues since i can remember and in my late 20’s, I got really interested in fermented foods like Kombucha, kefir, and especially kraut! I was in hot pursuit of better gut health to balance and enhance my micro-biome. We love traveling and love exotic foods, so naturally, we love incorporating flavors from all over the world. We want to help people learn more about probiotic diversity, the role of gut health, the micro-biome, and how that all affects our total health and immune system. Lastly we really want people to enjoy health foods and begin healthy and help people realize good food tastes good!

Health Benefits of Fermented Vegetables?

There is a lot of evidence out there regarding the importance of including fermented foods into your diet. In a 2009 report published in The Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology, “the use of antibiotics, immunosuppressive therapy and irradiation, amongst other means of treatment, may cause alterations in the gut composition and have an effect on the GIT flora. Therefore, the introduction of beneficial bacterial species to the GI tract may be a very attractive option to re-establish the microbial equilibrium and prevent disease.”

All that good bacteria that make up your microbiome in a healthy gut are proven to be essential in lowering the risk of a wide range of chronic illnesses. A 2006 report published in The Journal of Applied Microbiology says the probiotic benefits from cultured foods include lowering the risk of:

You can eat a whole bag at once, or even a few bites a day can provide you with vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Another great benefit of fermented foods is that they are more easily digested, and offer increased absorption of vitamins.

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1/2 ounce, 2 ounce


Beetnik, Kare, Pickle

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  1. Kelli Hackett (verified owner)

    I like the Kare! It has an interesting texture and strong, addicting flavor. I really like the fact that it is vegan and gluten-free, not to mention loaded with probiotics. Great taste! I will definitely order again.

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