In early 2016, we decided to focus all of our efforts on our investor’s parent company in order to accelerate sales growth, which would give us more resources for ungrocery.

We believed this was best for everyone. Here’s the excerpt from the email dated 1/14/2016 to our early adopters:

We are going to delay the launch of ungrocery. We will still build content for our producers and do some development on the marketplace itself. We made this decision on two key factors:

1) we did not believe we could serve our customers with the appropriate level of support, care, and trustworthiness we demand of ourselves.

2) we believe it to be in the best interest of ungrocery, our producers, and customers to delay the launch of the marketplace.

We were prepared and ready to launch next week. However, given the timing of the two products, and the speed at which we must operate, I am confident this is the right decision. So for the next 3 months, MediMobile will take priority in our work life.

That was the right decision then. But today, it’s different. The priority is ungrocery.

Please forgive me for the delay. Here’s to making 2017 the most delicious year yet.